A Handbag?

I’ve never made a bag before, and to be honest I’m not quite sure what pricked me to try it now. All I can tell you is, I bought this Lazy Girl pattern at the Uttoxeter Quilt Show, came home, and immediately started pulling out fabrics and muttering about contrasts. And the result was this:

For a first attempt at a bag, I’m really quite proud of it. The main (outer) fabrics were a present from my sister (who, by the way, is generally fabulous and blogs here and here), the lining fabric was from stash and the dark blues (for the inner and outer pockets) were part of my Uttoxeter goodies haul.

As bags go, it’s not really my style – I’m not a floral girl AT ALL – but I used it with great joy when we went to the beach at Easter* and it was just right for book, sunblock, water bottle & various children’s bits & bobs. It was really easy to make, so chances are I’ll make a few more of these in different fabrics. I’m thinking maybe Christmas presents!

* I know. The beach, at Easter, in the UK. Who’d have thought?


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